We are a Business English learninc center born in the XXI century. Our contents and methodologies respond to the latest requirements in the world of businesses. We take advantage of the latest technologies and this generation's very special way to learn. We want to expand their horizons by teaching Business English courses for all areas and all ages, and help them step forwards and become leaders in the future.

Business English for students

Not many Business related careers teach English as part of their main courses, and when they do, they usually offer a basic English classes which aren't of much help for graduates when they have to face real life situations at their jobs. Learning English is a basic need for any professional, and without proficiency in our language, they often come across many barriers for their professional development, both in job opportunities and education. 

For this reason, graduates with a good level of English in the area of their interest are of great value to the eyes of potential employers. Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs will have an even bigger need for Business English, because the responsibility of growing their business will be on their shoulders.

The current economy model of international exchange and online expansion demands English proficiency. Students who want to impress potential employers and become more competitive with their resumes must take Business English classes while they are studying. SLC Learning Centres is perfect for them because we have flexible scheduling that can adjust to their college classes, and we focus on what they will need in their jobs.

Postgraduate Courses

SLC Learning Centers presents its brand new postgraduate Business English courses. Since 2013, we have opened our postgraduate section to receive professionals from all areas of business who want to improve their English abilities. We work with junior and senior positions from a wide range of companies and small businesses.

Also, we provide special training programmes for companies; all lectures by selected teachers who are also professionals who are currently working in the same area as our clients.

For this reason, courses are tailored to each business's needs and their contents are highly relevant to their current situation and needs, and heavily grounded in everyday reality.




Immersion training

We understand that in order to properly teach business English it isn't enough to give our students reading material and practice the new words in class. The business world is very demanding, and no training can be completed without actually working in the field.

We offer different immersion training techniques for our studens, so they can practice their English skills in real situations in a business environment. We start off with role-playing and simulation exercises in class, all led by professional businesspeople, but once that stage has been surpassed we take our students to real life business situations in several companies that have partnered with us.

This is a true Business English training designed to provide our students with the best education and experiences so they can become competitive in today's business world.